It's Adaptogenic tea


Adaptogenic means our ingredients are utilized to help the body adapt to the stressors it faces everyday.

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Our tea has been hand-crafted in small batches, formulated to have a positive impact on the body while still prioritizing great taste. Our formulas are the handy work of our main man, Marco, who has been practicing Chinese Herbal Medicine for the past 20 years and counting. We'd trust him with anything and this is no exception.

Great product, immediate results.
— K. Martin-Smith, Amazon Customer
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Performance Tea is made up of a dedicated team united in a passion for uncovering the leading edges of health, performance and longevity. Through a combination of Eastern herbal expertise and Western empirical testing, we’ve come up with the single most powerful combination of tested, adaptogenic teas anywhere on the market today.




Performance Tea was named as such, not to intimidate, but to inspire. No matter the aspiration, we want to be there to support you on your journey to a higher level of performance with our delicious tea.

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Crafting convenient, plant-based products for health, wellness and performance.