Live Like You Mean It



Once upon a time, we all had that moment when we embraced what we were doing in a big way.  We were passionate about it, we did it over and over again, we were obsessed of sorts.  And we got better at it and it defined much of who we were.  Then life got in the way and we got off our path and we embraced other parts of life.  Then time goes on and for reasons sometimes unpredictable we have the opportunity to get back at life with that same passion, that same fervor, that same intensity.  It really is our opportunity to live like we really mean it.  And it is for us to decide what this is all about, to make it mean something, to embrace that which we do not know and make the most of the unknown.  Yes, we can live like we mean it, it is up to us, now let’s figure out how we want to make it happen.