Share the Love



The holiday season is upon us and with it an opportunity to make the next five weeks even more impactful than would be ordinary for any of us on our journey.  We carry with us an understanding that we are supposed to take care of others and not just ourselves.  And at this time of year when there is a lot of buying and gifting it is important for us to make sure that we share the love with those who are less fortunate, the ones who might be forgotten, and in truth the people who would most benefit from anything we can give them and share with them.  If we are not sure exactly how to do this then there are a lot of great organizations that facilitate the giving process.  So, let’s make some time to take care of others this holiday season, share the love, whether it be, a hug, a donation, some assistance offered, they will all have a positive impact. Here’s to a wonderful holiday season – sharing the love, again and again.