An Important Reminder



When we go on our journey, we need to do it with our head up – not looking down at the ground but rather looking forward with attention, curiosity, and care.  It is from this intent that we give ourselves the opportunity to overcome, what has been written by Dr. Ian McCallum, as the greatest challenge we face -  the enemies within ourselves.  There are four he writes, “human ignorance, human indifference, human entitlement and the saddest of all, the cynical language of human defeatism”. Words like this should make us pause and reflect, to stop for a moment and do a gut check, are we doing enough to win the battle, are we helping each other find the better path, are we living to the beauty that is inside us and do we realize that there is no other solution to our challenges other than us, each of us, working together to make the world a place that we are proud of.  Let’s keep the battle alive, let’s make the journey worth it, let’s do it for the good in all of us and the amazing lives that we have when we overcome that which is in the way….