Be Better

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Yes, the journey is the journey, that is, it is what we make of it.  We can go as far as we want but to get there, we have to put more into it.  The focus required to take it to the next level is as important as the resolve we have to be better.  It takes a willingness to go harder, to get uncomfortable, to go beyond what we have been doing.  We need to look inside, is it what we really want, do we want to be better?  Only we know the answer.  Ask the question – what is your better?  Then act on it.  Yes, it is that simple…..Be better.

Write Our Own Story



We know that as we pass along on our journey, even with a motivated sense of what is possible, that there are some limitations in our experience or in our heads that influence what we think is possible.  We might even be finding that we have a set view of what we are willing to take on – not because we know empirically that we can or cannot get it done – rather just because that is what we have led ourselves to believe.  The good news is this does not need to be the end or a limitation.  What we need to do is to start reframing the narrative in our heads.  To start we would write the story that we want to live.  Who is it that we want to be and what are some of the experiences that we want to have?  Then we set out to start to make it happen.  The journey then gets redefined and under our control, not limited by some old views of who we were.  It really is up to us to write our own story and to be the best we can be.  Let’s go do that – our life is waiting for us….Indeed, it is. 

It Matters



So much of what we do on our journey is for ourselves, executed and done mostly invisible to those around us.  We like it this way as our lifestyle is a choice for how we want to live and if others want to follow this path then they need to come to their own decision to do so.  And what we will find, though, is that the choices that we each make, will have an impact on others around us.  When we hold ourselves to a higher standard, it is noticed by others, whether they outwardly acknowledge that or not.  It sort of matters none whether we know if someone is watching, what matters is that we always hold ourselves to the standards and ideas related to our higher purpose.  When we do this happens others will notice and will take care to adopt the best of what we do into their life and how they live it.  Yes, indeed

The Wake Up Call

The Wake Up Call

While we all know that there are 168 hours in a week it often feels like we are short of time.  Sort of makes sense when we think about how much we take on while on our journey.  Yet, when we are honest with ourselves, we realize that maybe we are not that effective with our time management.  A little slop time here and there, a few too many pushes of the snooze button and we have less time than expected.  And unless we are ready to accept less than we can do we need to be purposeful in how our day evolves and it all starts with our wake-up call.  Is it early enough? Do we consistently get up when we set our alarm? Do we look forward to the alarm going off?  It really is a simple way of thinking – life starts each day when our alarm goes off and what a wonderful thing it is.  So, let’s set the clock a bit earlier tomorrow and get going and be ready for all that life has to offer especially when we are getting even more done!