No Limits

We Come Fearless



Indeed, it is true that we come fearless to this world.  From the first moments of our journey, we had simple views, limited emotions, a lack of complexity and most of all little fear about what could or should or might be.  It deserves some thinking time, why, by the time we get ready for the big journey do we carry so many fears, worries, issues, stresses?  Is it our situation or just how we think?  Is it possible to overcome and maybe even go back to that intuitively natural fearless state?  Not reckless, rather, just not slowed by our fears, instead inspired by curiosity and a belief in ourselves that what we are capable of is far greater than any fear could ever block.  So, here is to becoming fearless again and loving life because if it!

Write Our Own Story



We know that as we pass along on our journey, even with a motivated sense of what is possible, that there are some limitations in our experience or in our heads that influence what we think is possible.  We might even be finding that we have a set view of what we are willing to take on – not because we know empirically that we can or cannot get it done – rather just because that is what we have led ourselves to believe.  The good news is this does not need to be the end or a limitation.  What we need to do is to start reframing the narrative in our heads.  To start we would write the story that we want to live.  Who is it that we want to be and what are some of the experiences that we want to have?  Then we set out to start to make it happen.  The journey then gets redefined and under our control, not limited by some old views of who we were.  It really is up to us to write our own story and to be the best we can be.  Let’s go do that – our life is waiting for us….Indeed, it is.