What's in the Way


What’s in the Way

We make commitments, we make plans, they are architected to fit into our schedules and to put us on the path to achieving our goals.  We do this with good intention but for us to be truly successful we have to build our plans with a good understanding of what might get in the way of our success and how to work contingencies and alternatives and accommodations into what we do so that we will not be completely taken off track when the “unexpected” happens.  We all know better that we cannot avoid this circumstance and therefore the challenge that we need to accept is how to build a “real” plan, one that fits “our” lives, with the constraints that are who we are and how we live.  So, let’s take a minute to accept who we are, plan for what will come, and work like mad to avoid any excuse that we could come up with.  We know deep down there are no excuses, just reasons that we did not want to work on.  No more of that – it is time for us to master the process and what we need to get through it.  It will work when we do this – that we know.