We Come Fearless



Indeed, it is true that we come fearless to this world.  From the first moments of our journey, we had simple views, limited emotions, a lack of complexity and most of all little fear about what could or should or might be.  It deserves some thinking time, why, by the time we get ready for the big journey do we carry so many fears, worries, issues, stresses?  Is it our situation or just how we think?  Is it possible to overcome and maybe even go back to that intuitively natural fearless state?  Not reckless, rather, just not slowed by our fears, instead inspired by curiosity and a belief in ourselves that what we are capable of is far greater than any fear could ever block.  So, here is to becoming fearless again and loving life because if it!

One and the Same



On our journey, we can be inspired by so many different things.  People, actions, nature, art, ideas, and more.  It sort of doesn’t matter what ignites the inspired feeling, nor does it matter what it moves us to do.  What matters is that we find catalysts all around us that make us feel different, better, bigger, loved, inspired to do something.  We know the feeling – it flows through us – all energy – all good.  And then we act and do, or think and plan, or share and ignite.   At every level we are not that different and yet very different but all connected and loving it that way.  Here’s to the storytellers who inspire us and remind us that indeed we are one and the same and that is a good thing.

Invest in Yourself



We make a lot of decisions as we go through life.  Where to go, who to go with, what to do and how to build a good plan.  There is more, however, that we need to consider if we are to make this journey into our own high performance life.  We have to do more than just invest in good gear. We have to think about what investments we are going to make in ourselves.  We need to give ourselves enough time to improve.  We need to leverage a coach or others who can help us.  We need to get enough rest and we have to plan for practice.  Maybe most importantly, we have to push ourselves to listen to what is going on around us, listen to the input that others provide and listen to how we are feeling. With all of these investments, we can and will improve and turn our journey into something even more remarkable.