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Photo by nic on Unsplash

Good Habits

September 25, 2019

We have all been at this journey thing for quite some time and a byproduct is learning about what good habits are that we need to be able to accomplish our goals. And yet, for all that we know, there is a barrier to stick to the habits we know we should have (like exercising every day). But as we have found out time and time again while on our journey, there is never an end, just a new beginning and as hope springs eternal the ability to inculcate good habits into our lives is right before us ready for us to embrace.  Even if we just put to work three principles of thought for staying with our good habits we will make great progress. So, let’s start by:

·      Making sure that we are “hanging out” with the right people.  Our community will define who we are, and it needs effort, care, and attention.

·      Start small – make our goals “small/easy” so that we make progress at all times and we can reach that sense of accomplishment that is self-reinforcing.

·      When we make progress, we have to recognize it and reward ourselves for what we have accomplished, big or small.

When we start using these principles we will see and feel a difference and we will want to expand to more and more ways of supporting our habits.