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Here's How to Use Performance Tea

Here's How to Use Performance Tea

August 03, 2021

Here's How to Use Performance Tea

Ever wonder how to add Performance Tea into your daily routine ? Here's a little guide to help you implement CBD & Adaptogens into your routine from A.M. to P.M. 

MORNING - Make your regular latte but make it a brain booster with a scoop of Focus. This natural nootropic supports mental clarity & is the perfect addition to your morning coffee. 

AFTERNOON - Add it to cold water with a squeeze of lemon and honey, lemonade, or even seltzer. Avoid an afternoon crash with Energy. Swap out a second coffee with a glass of Energy for adrenal support and a smooth energy boost. 

NIGHTTIME - Add a splash of milk or honey to hot water or make it a shot with 4-6 oz cold water. Wind down with a hot cup of Snooze for the perfect nightcap. Full-spectrum hemp extract and soothing herbs help quiet the mind, relax your body, and promote deeper sleep. 

For more guidance, reference the When to Use Guide to learn which blends are the best for pain, sleep, energy and more.