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Life Doesn't Come In A Pill

Life Doesn't Come In A Pill

July 12, 2019

Life Doesn't Come in a Pill

Why do we remember certain experiences and forget others?  It seems that often it is the level of energy, commitment, and sacrifice that we put into what we do that creates the most lasting memories and feelings.  For decades companies have spent oodles of time and billions of dollars to find ways to create products that help consumers create magical moments when expectations are exceeded.  And it is self-acknowledged that there is still a long way to go to consistently find ways to help people live the life that they want to live – intentionally thinking about how we can achieve our potential.  Sadly, there have been many flawed approaches for how to do this.  The promises are too big, the believability tough and the results just not where we need them to be.  The promise of a pill to do everything that we want seems flawed from the outset.  Pills are not how we want to enable life, it takes away the experience, the feel, the excitement.  What we want, actually need, are ways to enable us to do more, that fits naturally into our active lives, that allows us to feel what it is we are doing and feel great when we are done.  We have the power to embrace this approach, stay away from the idea that life is driven by “pills” and we can make a change to this anytime we want. 

And it is with this sentiment that we embrace an active life.  We can and should be participating in activities, being members of local communities, taking on challenges and more.  While we do this, it is great to have products that naturally complement and support what it is we are doing.  No chemicals, no pills, only good stuff that we can drink (or eat) each day as we set ourselves up for embracing who we are and what we want to do.  The Performance Tea Blends are a good example of how when we can take Tea to the next level and maximize our potential with Focus, Energy, and Balance – each of which brings their great taste and highly convenient packaging with no sugar to a functional beverage powered by adaptogens.  And here is where we hit liftoff.  Rip, pour, shake, sip, into your reusable water bottle and we are starting to feel what happens when we make good choices. Adaptogens help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes.  With this kind of support, we can supercharge our day naturally with great taste and amazing benefits.  No pill can stand up to that….for sure.