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Make It Memorable

Make It Memorable

July 18, 2019



There are big moments on our life's journey. They are easy to remember. A big climb, a long race, a big project, a promotion, it can literally be anything that makes us feel different and gives us a sense of accomplishment. There is nothing like that feeling. And yet, it does not seem to come often enough. Is it because we have too many things going on to do the “big things” or is it really just a perspective that we can play with and adjust? What would it be like if we created more memorable moments? That would be special for sure. We have the power to make it that way.  What if we think about some of the more regular things that we do and find a way to make them memorable. Maybe we can cook dinner for someone unexpectedly, we could offer to help someone with their work, we could run in the rain, we could…… There are so many ways that we can take the ordinary and make it memorable. It is up to us how we construct this journey of ours, let’s make it mean something to ourselves and all around us!