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The Earth Must Win

The Earth Must Win

July 18, 2019

Eugène Samuel Grasset - 1893


At one level, life is about each of us, pursuing our goals and dreams and working diligently to achieve them. At another level it is about the community that we are a part of and protecting it and making sure that it is vibrant and functioning to help all of us on our journey. At a meta level it is about Mother Earth, our land, our home, and our ecosystem, all of which is required to support all of life. It is with this perspective that we have to stay true to protecting the earth, our resources and our future. We cannot continue to pollute our planet, to waste resources, to compromise our future. There are some who think it is ok to have money win over taking care of the earth and this is just unacceptable. We have to fight to protect the earth we have to make sure it wins, and we cannot allow short-term thinking to drive the way we live on this precious resource that we are so fortunate to inhabit. Let’s use our pursuit of a better world to serve as a platform to voice our thoughts and make sure that we save the earth for generations to come.