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What Every Peloton Enthusiast Needs to Know

What Every Peloton Enthusiast Needs to Know

March 24, 2021

Are you a Peloton lover? Do you jump on your Peloton bike or tread every day ready to take the latest Ally Love, Denis Morton, or Olivia Amato class? If so, you might already have your favorite workout gear to wear, your favorite water bottle to grab, or maybe even a corner of your home dedicated to all things Peloton. We get it - we're avid Peloton fans as well and love the variety, intensity, and dare we say fun(?) that Peloton has to offer. 

So you’ve got your gear, you’ve got your favorite instructors, but how do you fuel your Peloton workouts? Have you noticed how you’re feeling before, during and after the workouts? We can often let stress, daily responsibilities, and lack of sleep (to name a few) get in the way of us performing to the best of our ability. 45% of Americans reported that poor or insufficient sleep affected their daily activities at least once in the last seven days according to the National Sleep Foundation’s inaugural Sleep Health Index™ ( According to Gallup’s annual Global Emotions Report, Americans are some of the most stressed out people in the world. 55% of respondents said they had felt a significant amount of stress the day before, well above the global average of 35% (  

It’s safe to say that stress, in one form or another, is extremely pervasive in our daily lives and can lead to burnout if it’s not dealt with head on. As Peloton lovers, it’s not uncommon to strive toward  your next streak, complete a monthly challenge, or push to get higher on the leaderboard. But it’s important not to burn the wick at both ends. Doing so will only end in more chronic stress, sleep issues, injuries, and even more physical and mental ailments down the road. That’s where plant-based nutrition comes in. Some of the solutions that are out there only temporarily mask, or even potentially exacerbate, the symptoms. Overloading the system with caffeine, sugar, and pills, can only put more stress on the body. Plants, more specifically adaptogenic plants and hemp plants, have great potential to stabilize our systems. 

Performance Tea helps people (Peloton lovers included) achieve their potential in an over-stimulated, time-starved, interrupt-driven world. We are committed to stopping the cycle of chronic stress, injuries, & burnout. Performance Tea’s super-functional blends combine Adaptogens and CBD, which essentially help the body adapt and adjust to stress.

Adaptogens are herbs, roots, and mushrooms that have functional properties. Adaptogens relieve stress by modulating the release of stress hormones from the adrenal glands. As biological response modifiers (BRMs), adaptogens restore the body’s innate immune function and help the body adapt to different stressors. Eastern medicine has used adaptogens for centuries to strengthen immunity, improve focus, and increase your ability to adapt to stress.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is one of many cannabinoids or molecules, produced uniquely by the cannabis family. We use full spectrum hemp extract, which is a full plant extract that leaves the complete plant profile in the extracted CBD product. It contains a trace amount of THC, other core cannabinoids, and a full terpene profile.

Before - Focus

You wake up early before your day has to begin, and it’s time to hop on the bike, tread, or take a challenging strength class. But you always have to have your morning coffee before a workout. Focus gets you in the zone, ready to take on your workout and keep you mentally locked in. Supercharged with organic Cacao and powerful adaptogens like Cordyceps & Rhodiola, Focus supports improved brain function and mental clarity, so you can give your best performance, whatever the workout. It’s the perfect addition to your morning cup of coffee. You’ll be locked in like never before during a 30 minute Tabata Ride, a 20 minute Full Body Strength, or a 45 minute Yoga Flow. 

During - Energy 

Does just drinking water ever bore you? Do you feel like you lack sustainable energy during a workout? Sometimes water just doesn’t cut it. Energy by Performance Tea provides a smooth boost of energy without the jitters or crash and if you commit to PT like you probably do to coffee, you’ll feel better than ever. This is the better-for-you energy beverage with no crash and no jitters.

Powerful adaptogens in Energy include Astragalus, Atractylodes, and Reishi, which support the adrenal system (the system that’s in charge of managing the body’s hormonal response to stress). Exercise is perceived by the body as a form of stress and stimulates the release of cortisol. When we put ourselves through intense workouts (we Peloton lovers are all too familiar), our body responds by going into fight or flight mode. Too much cortisol for too long can have serious, negative effects and we usually can’t tell where our threshold lays. Enter Adaptogens: They keep our body’s response to stress strong & enhance the ability to cope with anxiety and fight fatigue. By modulating the release of stress hormones (aka cortisol & adrenaline) adaptogens are a surefire way we can continue our intense workouts, avoid burnout, and keep our stress hormones regulated.       

Energy has formulated for endurance athletes, crossfitters & weekend warriors in mind. The instant powdered format makes it easy to fuel your body throughout a workout by just adding a scoop to your water bottle. This powerful blend gives your water a slightly sweet taste without being overpowering. With a hint of cinnamon and licorice, you can easily drink Energy throughout your Peloton workout. You can add Energy to plain water, half lemonade & half water, or add extra sweetness with stevia or honey. The possibilities are endless & no matter how you consume it, you’ll feel a smooth boost of energy throughout any workout. Fuel yourself with Adaptogens & Green Tea while pushing toward your next PR! 

After - Recovery

The most important part of a workout routine is what you do afterward. We know all too well from our Peloton instructors that cooling down, stretching & refueling after a workout is essential for injury prevention, reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and getting stronger. We’re often rushing off to work, family responsibilities, or running out of the house soon after a workout. Maybe you’ve gotten in 5 or 10 minutes of a stretch session after your workout on the bike or tread. That’s a good start, but it takes more than a quick stretch to recover properly. For most of us, staying hydrated, eating a balanced meal afterward, practicing mobility & foam rolling, and getting a sufficient amount of sleep all work together to help our bodies recover. Making sure our joints and muscles are fully recovered & that we are not experiencing pain is one important part of the equation. We often run to ibuprofen, pain meds, or other pills to feel relief. If you’re looking for a natural solution for muscle soreness, joint pain, and post-workout recovery, CBD and adaptogens are a safe, all-natural and effective alternative. 

Recovery combines full-spectrum hemp extract with healing adaptogens to create a blend that helps you recover fully. 20 mg of CBD per serving plus Prince Ginseng, Eleuthero, and Poria Mushroom to name a few, target inflammation, chronic injuries, and muscle soreness. This instant powdered blend can be added to a post-workout smoothie, hot or cold water, oatmeal, coffee or tea. The options are endless and will fit seamlessly into your busy routine. You can add a scoop in cold water and shake it up right after jumping off the bike, or wait until your evening routine to brew a hot cup of Recovery with honey or milk.