What does adaptogenic mean/what are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are herbs that help us respond positively to stress. They decrease our fragility and allow us to adapt to challenges by enhancing our durability. The powerful aspects of herbs that help us adapt are that they can move our complex physical systems in multiple, synergistic ways to help us achieve optimal performance.

Our physical bodies and nervous systems evolved in prehistoric times where the stressful event of the day was evading a predator or ramping up to the thrill of the hunt. These stressful moments were short-lived. The neuroendocrine cascade of stress hormones was temporary and promoted the “fight or flight” reaction that was crucial to our survival. The vast majority of the time was spent gathering resources and relaxing by the campfire.

Now, our nervous system responds to every ping of the cellphone, emails in all CAPS, and bad drivers as if they were a mountain lion on the ridge. Our sympathetic nervous system is on constant alert from all the inputs that are designed to capture our attention. Even our recreation, whether mountain biking or skiing, can ramp up this response.

When the “fight or flight” never turns off and does not allow the parasympathetic “rest and repose” to balance things out, a detrimental precipitation happens from all the excess stress hormone (cortisol) on board. This suppresses our digestion, compromises our immunity, and slows down our body’s ability to recover from inflammation and injury. Over time, the entire nervous system and hormonal balance can be injured.
Sometimes, some good downtime or a vacation is enough to reset the balance, but that is not always enough or even possible. Elite athletes, entrepreneurs, and the hard-working modern individual do not always have enough recuperation time. This is when we need adaptogens to balance our system.
Adaptogens have been used for millennia in traditional Chinese medicine. The term was coined in the 1940’s by researchers in the Soviet Union in their goal to find a way to make super soldiers and super athletes. They looked for herbs that could be used for long-term use and that had no side effects or toxicity. They wanted herbs that increased resistance to cognitive and physical stress while allowing the body to train to higher levels of human performance. They found them and successfully trained with them. In modern times, research has demonstrated the positive effects of adaptogens.


Where are the ingredients sourced from?

Our priority with all herbal medicinal products is quality. We source our herbs from a U.S. based herb processing facility. They operate under GMP certified manufacturing facility and utilize on-site laboratories providing microbial testing and can process up to 18 million pounds of herbs annually. Additionally, they adhere to Chinese Pharmacopeia guidelines and utilize 3rd party testing for quality control.

Is the tea caffeinated?

Yes, our Performance Tea does have minimal amounts of caffeine.

What are the health benefits of drinking Performance Tea?

Over time, drinking Performance Tea will increase your capacity to handle change with grace. Physically, this looks like low-level biological stress while transitioning from climate to climate or situation to situation. These effects ripple inward to our more supple bodies, creating ease in all transition between emotions, thoughts, and spiritual expression. You will experience resilience physically, mentally, and emotionally. In other words, you will become more adaptable. As such, your body, mind, and spirit will have more energy.

How do i make it?

Using an appropriate vessel, pour a single packet into 8-12 oz. of hot or 16-24 oz. of cold water. Shake it, stir it, blend it - mix however you please. But try to remember to use a reusable container!