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29029 + Performance Tea

At 29029 you learn what it means to truly push yourself to the limit. The limits are there but when the will, the right training, equipment, support, and nutrition are there we know we can conquer any challenge.  

Performance Tea has been a part of the 29029 challenge starting when our two founders conquered Everest in Vermont in 2018. The experience of the 17 times up and down the mountain formed a connection to 29029 at a very deep level. From this challenge, we are forever committed to supporting anyone who is bold enough to embrace this journey.  

What we have learned from our years of ultra-endurance experiences is that proper nutrition and hydration provide the foundation for tackling big challenges like 29029. And it is our commitment to provide you with the same powerful super functional herbal tea blends that we used when we conquered 29029.

PT Support
in Vermont 29029

On the mountain, we will have Performance Tea Energy blend. It is a blend of green tea and adaptogens that are designed to help your body adjust to stress, and we know there will be plenty of that to go around. The blend is also great for adjusting to the altitude changes and the GI stress that you will be discovering. The blends do not have any sugar but that is ok as there is plenty of other caloric sources at each aid station.   Energy is proven to work and has been tested with our sponsored athletes who have taken on challenges like the Badwater 135, the Leadman Challenge, Lone Horse 100 and many other races.

We all know that recovery is key to getting back up and down the mountain, as such we will have Performance Tea Recovery with CBD, served warm, at the aid stations as well.   Our full spectrum hemp blend powered by adaptogens in an instant powder herbal blend to support you given the kind of stress and strain that you will be putting on it. The CBD & our adaptogen blend work together as an anti-inflammatory and stress balancer and helps your system heal itself so that you are ready for whatever the mountain throws at you.

At Performance Tea, our mission is to help people achieve their potential. We are made up of a dedicated team united in a passion for uncovering the leading edges of health, performance, and longevity. We offer a variety of instant powder CBD and adaptogen teas, handcrafted for superior quality and function. PT CBD blends, Recovery, Revive and Snooze, contain organically-grown Colorado hemp, vapor distilled for an ultrapure product. PT’s adaptogen blends, Energy, Balance, and Focus, are carefully formulated super functional green teas to promote a high-performance lifestyle. PT teas are producing real-world benefits for real people wanting better energy, better focus, better recovery, better living.

Joe Gagnon, CEO
Co-Founder and 29029 Finisher

Joe Gagnon, author of “Living the High Performance Life, An Ordinary Joe’s Guide to the Extraordinary,” is an adventurer, entrepreneur, bio-hacker and co-founder and CEO of Performance Tea. He is the creator of The High Performance Life (THPL), a philosophy and guide to learn techniques for mental toughness, creative problem solving, leadership, and personal effectiveness. He focuses on practices in the areas of life, learning and fitness for personal fulfillment and improving human performance in all walks of life.

Joe is a passionate endurance athlete. He has completed 70+ marathons and ultra-marathons and in 2017, he ran six marathons on six continents in six days. This year he added to his repertoire the title of Leadman, awarded upon the completion of a five-event ultra endurance series in the mountains of Colorado.