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Day 2


Photo by Kara Kupfer

In the last decade, epigenetics has become a hot topic. This breakthrough science basically says that our thoughts and our physical, mental and emotional environment, affects our health and well-being. In essence, we can change our cells through our lifestyle and our thoughts.

In this meditation, envision you’ve come across the fountain of youth. You dip one toe into the swirling, whirling warm water. Notice it sparkling, sizzling, with life-giving vitamins and minerals for exactly what would fortify your body. With each body part that gets immersed in this bubbling fountain, feel your body becoming younger and healthier…starting with your toes, your feet, ankles, all the way up to your crown, rejuvenating your thoughts. Scan your body, feel the age-defying effects of your fountain of youth. The hands of time stop, and in some instances, as impossible as it may seem, turn backward.


I am an eternal, immortal, healthy being, getting stronger and more vital every day.