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Day 4

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No doubt you’ve heard the phrases: success begets success.


Most people approach their desire to be more successful from a place of lack and emptiness. And although that hunger fueled drive can create some temporary results, it’s ultimately not sustainable.


With that in mind, let’s flip that old success point of view on its head and create a reverse bucket list. In other words, instead of calling to mind the many things you’d like to accomplish before you “kick the bucket,” I suggest you review your life, from the perspective of listing all the noteworthy experiences you've already accomplished. 


Most of the items that belong on your Reverse Bucket List are the happy accidents, precious moments, mundane miracles, and out of this world synchronicities that make up your favorite memories.

Most people are so focused on all they haven’t yet achieved, they forget how successful they already are. When you remind yourself of all you’ve already done, you shift from feeling empty to feeling full. When you feel full is when you become an attractor beam for more success.

The more successful I am, the more I have to give.



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