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Day 10

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Buddha said, “We are what we think, all that we are arises within our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”


In order to step up your game, as it relates to programming your dreams, one of the most wonderful things you can do is to create a dream collage that you gaze upon (or meditate on) prior to entering dreamland. Here’s the drill:


  1. Line up energetically with your dream Declaration to get clear about what you want . . . what you really, really, really, really want . . . all the way at the core of your being (not just on the surface, ego level).
  2. Create a Dream Collage by cutting images out of a magazine (or assemble a “board” online at or, you can do this in your mind as you follow the meditation.


By giving yourself permission to play in the sandbox of your wildest desires, with no holds barred, you might discover aspects of your desire or destiny that had never occurred to you.

With that in mind, whether or not you have an actual vision board (aka Dream Collage) you can bring it to bed with you. If you have a physical one shaped from magazines or Pinterest, look at it, if not, simply go to bed with the question, “If I could have my life exactly my way, what would that look like?”

What I’m dreaming about, is dreaming me. My job is to simply line up with it and take the action it inspires.


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