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Day 12

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Roberto Assagioli, the father of psychosynthesis said, “The removing of the 'tangles' is a process of liberation from our complexes and illusions and from the way in which we identify with the roles we play in life, with the masks within us and with our idols, etc. It is a 'release' according to the etymology of the word, a liberation and awakening of hidden potential.”


With this in mind, become willing to embrace all aspects of yourself as beautiful and vital: the Angel (higher self, pure love, forgiveness), the Ego (the middle self, aware of how you look to others), and the Caveman (the one whose primal needs are most important). We need all three of these aspects to survive and thrive in this life. Enjoy this meditation as it will take you on a ride into self-synthesis with yourself, and all life.

I gratefully embrace the diversity of the many beings within me. Together we are one big happy family.


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