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Day 20

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Being lucid in a dream means that you’ve awoken in a dream, realizing you were dreaming, while maintaining your ability to continue dreaming. When this happens, you have the opportunity to experience your directorial expression in your dream, and, literally, anything can happen.


When you live lucidly, you remember you have a say in the way your life unfolds. If you are displeased with the unfolding of an interaction, consider the following options:

  1. Look at your life circumstances as if it were a dream.
  2. See the people you are interacting with as aspects of yourself.
  3. Ask for the awareness of the gift or blessing (in disguise) from the interaction.
  4. Redirect the scene in your mind’s eye to unfold the way you would prefer.
  5. Embody the feeling tone of your newly envisioned dream.
  6. Act as if (to the best of your ability) the new way is, in fact, the truth of the situation.
  7. When you wake up to your waking reality, behold the wonderful ways “reality” wraps itself around your dream experience.


Every moment I wake up, I’m building a bridge to an awakened life.


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