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Day 6

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You are infinitely powerful, wise, strong, and blessed. Yet, you’ve only taken conscious ownership of about 5 percent of your natural inheritance. Without realizing it, most of your power has been relegated to your shadow. As a kid, you may have been shunned, teased, ostracized, or spanked for demonstrating certain behaviors or feelings (i.e. anger, sadness, jealousy, insecurity, lust, intensity, etc.). Consequently, you labeled those characteristics ‘bad’ and deleted them from your playlist.

But, just like in cyber-space, nothing is ever truly deleted, just disowned. Eventually, these characteristics break into dreams or enter our waking life, usually at inopportune moments. At its core, every shadow is beautiful and useful. In fact, within your biggest shadow (the thing you fear or despise most), is your superpower in disguise.


Implement the FEAR formula to alchemize that which scares you into fuel for awaken- ing: Face it, Embrace it, Ace it, Replace it. Then it can be used as FUEL to give you a Future that is Unlimited, Empowered and Lucid. When fear no longer pushes, inspiration can pull you toward your dreams.

I create space to embrace all aspects of my beautiful self.


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