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Day 7

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Marianne Williamson said, “The pain in relationships comes not from the love you don’t get, but from the love you withhold.”

With that in mind, if somebody is acting out and not treating you with the utmost respect, tolerance, patience, and reverence, consider that they’ve fallen asleep and their wounded teenager has taken over. That means you, by definition, are being called to be the grown-up, to be the one with compassion so enormous that you are unruffled by their sleepwalking. If they were a young person, you wouldn’t condemn them or join them in their nightmare. The enlightened adult wraps their spiritual arms around the young one, while remembering who they truly are—a spiritual phenomenon—and whispers, “Wake up, little brother. You’ve fallen asleep, little sister. You’re dreaming.”

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My relationships mirror back the love I give to myself.


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