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Whether you’re a CrossFit fanatic or a Peloton regular, we know you go hard. Don't let tennis elbow, a bad knee, or inflammation stop you from getting a PR on your Peloton, crushing your splat points at OrangeTheory, or hitting your next goal at your CrossFit box. Blends like Energy, Recovery, and Revive will help you fight for your goals, on and off the 'court'. Performance Tea offers plant-based solutions for the everyday athlete who is always seeking out better.

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No Jitters

Adaptogens support the low levels of caffeine to maintain smooth energy

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No Added Sugar

Enjoy the natural taste of herbs and revert back to only what you need

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Stress Buffer

Adaptogens support the body in better adapting and reacting to daily stressors

Products for Fitness

Performance Tea Energy supports running endurance

Energy Stick Packs

Functional  Hydration

ENERGY was created with top athletes in mind, to keep them hydrated & give them steady energy through long training sessions or races without getting sick of the flavor. Just add ENERGY instant powder to your water bottle & shake it up to drink throughout a workout. Need calories? Add a scoop to lemonade or to an electrolyte drink.

Recovery Jar

Push Harder by Recovering Faster

Add RECOVERY to your water bottle post-workout or brew a hot RECOVERY tea after a long day. One scoop will bring relief, support muscle recovery and relax the body so that you can head to your next workout feeling recovered and refreshed.

Performance Tea Energy supports running endurance

Revive Jar

Continue to Move with Ease

REVIVE is designed to help with mobility and movement by decreasing inflammation & pain in the body. Injuries and pain are sometimes inevitable when living an active lifestyle, but this expertly-crafted blend combines CBD, turmeric, and adaptogens to support decreased inflammation and chronic pain. This spicy blend is the perfect base for a Turmeric Golden Latte. Add 1 scoop Revive with your favorite milk & sweetener and blend.


Powder for Performance

Performance Tea stands behind the notion that plants can have a significant impact on our bodies and our performance. Performance Tea blends combine adaptogens, herbs, roots, and tea to create a natural supplement for improved endurance, sleep, and life.

  • No Added Sugars
  • Instant Powder
  • Easy to take on-the-go
  • All-Natural
  • Optimizes the body
  • Add to anything (water, coffee, smoothies, etc.)
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Add Instant Powder to Your Workout Bottle

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Feel Reinvigorated to Hit New PRs

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Powdered Blends for Versatility


"I am a daily user of Revive CBD tea blend with my lemon and honey and can’t praise this product enough- amazing taste with a nice hint of spice! You truly have an amazing product that helps me operate like a well-oiled machine."


"Last night was my first night trying Recovery and I had a great night sleep and woke with no hip pain (it's frequently unbearable)."


"I've noticed significantly more endurance during a subtle, non-jarring way. I typically sweat quite a bit when I workout/ride/Spin, but with Energy I can ride longer and harder, complete drills feeling great, and with much higher watts/output...and I'm dripping! All of my numbers have improved since taking Energy."


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