Paolo, father of two with another on the way, was working long days and feeling stuck. He was motivated to find a natural way to fuel his Cross Fit passion. He wanted to be better, yes, better and knew just where to begin. So he called on his friend Marco, a practicing herbalist of 20 years and expert adaptogenic formulator. Marco’s challenge? To hand-craft a convenient power-packed energy drink for Paolo. The requirements were simple: no to sugar, no to chemicals, yes to tea, herbs, and mushrooms.

Experimenting with one recipe after another, the results showed that tea as a performance drink could really work. The blend finally came together, and PT Energy was born – a combination of green tea and adaptogens (aka super herbs) designed to allow the body and mind to perform at its best./peak.

How better to test it? Enter Joe, entrepreneur, ultra-endurance athlete, the author taking on the challenge of a lifetime running six marathons in six consecutive days on six continents, and he needed every advantage he could get. Performance Tea was put to the ultimate test to provide sustained energy for this crazy endeavor. Joe drank it as he ran across the world and successfully completed the journey. Boy did it deliver! The team knew they were onto something.

Marco went back to his lab and formulated a line of instant functional, adaptogenic tea blends, an alternative to coffee without jitters or crashes. With the addition of PT’s Balance and Focus, they quickly knew that there was one more dimension needed. Once again Marco worked his magic, this time using organically grown full spectrum hemp extract to create three CBD blends; Recovery, Revive and Snooze. It’s a bookend of sorts - CBD tea blends to help recover, to aid with mobility, and to help get a great night's sleep. It was time to bring the products to market for everyone, not just the athlete, this complete product line to help people achieve their potential in an over-stimulated, time-starved, interrupt-driven world. Better energy, better focus, better recovery, better sleep.

And there you have it. Performance Tea’s classically unlikely origin story: Three founders forever committed to sharing a path towards better performance, naturally and conveniently.