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From mountain biking, to rock climbing, to backpacking, to everything in between, plant-based supplements will be there every step of the way.  Pushing you farther, higher, and longer.

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Incredible Bioavailablity

The presence of black pepper allows the body to absorb the curcumin in turmeric.

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No Added Sugar

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Entourage Effect

Benefit from the combination of CBD and turmeric for maximum efficacy.

Products for Your Outdoor Adventures

Performance Tea Energy supports running endurance

Energy Stick Packs

Maintain Your Endurance

ENERGY Sticks are the perfect add-in to your water bottle as you hike or bike your way further into the mountains. ENERGY can be a great support for your body as you reach higher altitudes and hike through hot temps. As you add in your electrolyte tablet or powder, add a stick of ENERGY - get your electrolytes and your adaptogens at the same time.

Revive Singles

Get Ahead of the Pain

REVIVE Singles are for when you’ve still got 10 more miles to go before setting up camp but you can feel your knees start to hurt. Add REVIVE to your water bottle if you anticipate the joint pain or when you feel it start to creep in. The adaptogens, turmeric, and CBD will support your joints along the way.

Recovery Jar

Recover Faster For Tomorrow

Sometimes, you just have to bring the whole dang RECOVERY Jar. Add a scoop of RECOVERY to your water and drink it as you set up camp for the night (it also wouldn’t be wrong to add the scoop to your dehydrated meal). It’s unbeatable combination of adaptogens will help your body reset and rebuild for another long day tomorrow.


Powder for Performance

Performance Tea stands behind the notion that plants can have a significant impact on our bodies and our performance. Performance Tea blends combine adaptogens, herbs, roots, and tea to create a natural supplement for improved endurance, sleep, and life.

  • No Added Sugars
  • Instant Powder
  • Easy to take on-the-go
  • All-Natural
  • Optimizes the body
  • Add to anything (water, coffee, smoothies, etc.)
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Slim Packaging for Long Trips

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Supports Improved Endurance

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Powdered Blends for Versatility


"I took Recovery, Revive and Energy every day of the hunt. Worked great. The other 4 guys on the hunt, all 10 years my junior, were popping Advil and Motrin each day. I suggested they could do better with what I had... I was blown away by the results. Truly. I have never had fewer aches and pains on a hunt of this intensity."


“The blend of ingredients is pretty tough to come by with such high quality”

ANCA, on Revive

My favorite combo is a packet of Energy mixed with Liquid I.V. so I can have adaptogens and electrolytes at the same time while I ride.


62 Parks

It seems that a journey such that we are on should inspire us to explore, to see, to feel and to do most of it outside. And at least in the U.S., there is no better platform to do this with than the National Park System.

Chasing Tomorrow Podcast Episode 26: John Foley

Hosts Dave Proctor and Joe Gagnon interview John Foley, former lead solo pilot of the Blue Angels and gratitude guru.