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Make your water functional and
crush your next ultra

with the addition of adaptogenic & CBD instant powder blends. These plant-based blends are perfect for training when we're pushing to get to the next level, looking for a powerful recovery solution, or going hard during a 100K.

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These supplements utilize the power of adaptogens (roots, herbs, & mushrooms) and CBD to guide and improve the body’s stress response and recovery capabilities.


Top athletes report improvements in their performance only after just a few uses.


Clean ingredients for heightened performance & comprehensive recovery


Add to your water bottle, electrolyte drink, smoothie, or coffee


Every blend has a function. Every ingredient serves a purpose.


grams of added sugar


GMOs, artificial flavors & 'natural' flavors


Add FOCUS to your morning coffee so you can fit in your brick workout, your full-time job, and taking care of family.


Use ENERGY throughout your workout like you would any other hydration. Build ENERGY into your daily routine to support improved endurance.


RECOVERY is caffeine-free and is designed to help your body rebuild. The blend of CBD and adaptogens allows for  a powerful reset on your circulatory system and muscles.


Everyone knows how important sleep can be, especially when the other 17 hours of the day are spent pushing to the max. SNOOZE's blend of calming herbs and CBD help quiet the mind and body.

Products for Runners


Why Performance Tea for the Ultra Runner?

Let's face it - Ultra runners are a quirky bunch.
You run farther than many people care to drive in the car, and you call it 'fun'.
And to make it work, you know what you need to do...
Train better
Endure more
Recover faster
Sleep better 

These blends are designed to keep your system optimized, whether on their own or combined with your go-to drinks and electrolyte beverages. They are designed to address stress reduction, facilitate recovery, and reduce inflammation caused by what you experience while training and racing. Grab a multi-serving jar for home or single serve packets for the road.
Versatile, convenient, powerful, and designed for the daily activities of an ultra runner.

Radically Improve Your Performance


There's more to it than meets the eye. It's important to have a comprehensive training plan that does more than increase your mileage. On top of that, figuring out what nutrition and supplements work for you will be important when it comes time for race day.


There are three proven ways to accelerate the recovery process: nutrition; massage & compression; and rest & sleep. Take advantage of all of them! Your top priorities after a hard training day should be repairing muscle damage, replenishing fuel stores, and rehydrating.


It’s Race Day! (Finally). Whether you recently introduced adaptogens into your training or have been priming your system for the past few months, today is the day to push your limits and allow adaptogenic supplements to be the support your body needs. 

Building Performance Tea into your training will get your systems dialed in early. Use blends daily.

Recover faster so you can train harder with RECOVERY blend. 

Feel confident that your body has become more efficient with keeping stressors at bay. Take ENERGY on course with you to prevent any gut bombs.

“The biggest challenge that I have as an ultra-runner is inflammation and recovery and ever since I started using Recovery and Snooze by Performance Tea I have reduced my inflammation significantly and I am feeling better every day. It is rare to find a natural product like this that can have such a positive impact on my performance.”

Pete Kostelnick

Ultra-Runner & Endurance Athlete, U.S. Trans-Con Running Record Holder

"Snooze has actually helped me tremendously when it comes to falling asleep at night and actually staying asleep and waking up feeling really refreshed."

Christopher Havens

Fitness Trainer


Ultras are a big commitment; time, effort, money, emotions. And it has to fit into your already busy life; work, family, errands, friends. You dial-in everything from shoes, to nutrition, to sleep, always looking for the extra advantage. 

This is your extra advantage. 

These plant-based supplements rely only on the powerful impact plants can have on the body.
No additives that could diminish your performance. 
Let your body adapt and experience the change.

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