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Paolo Stuppa, Founder

and the inspiration behind Performance Tea. Tired of synthetic supplements and their side effects, Paolo was motivated to find a natural way to fuel his passion of getting fit and performing optimally in his daily life. As a long-time tea drinker, Paolo set out to create a natural, super-functional, herbal, energy tea to support his active lifestyle. He experimented and tested relentlessly until he finally landed on the right formulation. The rest is why we are all here.  A father of three, Paolo has surfed all over the world and participated in numerous endurance events, such as - SealFit Kokoro (Class 44), GORUCK HTL (Class 19), 29029, multiple Spartan Trifectas and many more. Paolo's favorite Performance Tea blend is Balance.

Joe Gagnon, CEO

 is the author of “Living the High Performance Life, An Ordinary Joe’s Guide to the Extraordinary”.  He is an entrepreneur, innovator and ultra-endurance athlete and has written about The High Performance Life, a philosophy and guide to mental toughness, creative problem solving, leadership, and personal effectiveness. He focuses on practices in the areas of Life, Learning and Fitness for personal fulfillment and improving human performance in all walks of life. He has completed over 70 races of more than a marathon distance and in 2017 he ran Six Marathons on Six Continents on Six Consecutive days. Joe guides the strategy of the business and can be found out on the road running at any time of day or night. Joe’s favorite Performance Tea blend is Focus.

Marco, Co-Founder and Chief Formulator

is a curious and compassionate human being who has a passion for health, the environment and the ability of entrepreneurs to create a better world. He has practiced Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture for over 20 years and is lauded to have a unique style of practice that accelerates his client's breakthroughs in both physical and cognitive arenas.  As our chief formulator, we have the man who is well known in the Boulder community for supporting elite athletes, business leaders and entrepreneurs in pursuing peak performance and expanded flow states creating our amazing tea blends that make up our catalog of instant, all natural teas. When not in his office you can find Marco backcountry skiing in the Rocky Mountains and if enough powder falls he might not make it back for days.

Kimberly Gagnon, Head of Design and Marketing

is the creative force at the company.  Having graduated with a BA in Fine Arts she has taken to all forms of art and expression ranging from sculpting, to cake decorating, to digital design. Kimberly has been responsible for bringing a modern design sensibility to our products so that we can communicate the values of plant-based ingredients to people who want to achieve their potential naturally.  When not sitting behind her MacBook Pro, Kimberly can be found rock climbing all along the Front Range in Colorado. Kimberly’s favorite blend is Recovery.

Katherine Dorsa, Director of Operations

makes sure that the business operates efficiently and effectively every day. There is a ton of “behind the scenes” work that she does, from accounting to fulfillment to customer service and she brings a care and attention to our customers and retail partners that is hard to find. When not playing with a spreadsheet she can be found in a spin class or at Orange Theory pushing it and drinking her favorite blend, Revive.

Don Reichelt, Director of Athlete and Community Operations

manages our sponsored athletes and community operations. Don understands the role of the athlete for brands focused on improving performance. In addition to his responsibilities with PT, he is a professional ultra runner and endurance athlete coach at his coaching business, Boundless Endurance. Don's favorite PT drink is Balance mixed with Revive.