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29029 Training Sample

The 29029 Training Sample includes 2 different herbal blends of powdered supplements to support you during your training for the 29029 Everesting event. Both ENERGY and RECOVERY will be available while on the mountain throughout the event weekend, so start using the blends during your training so you can be as prepared as possible.

Training Sample includes:

ENERGY (5 Stick Packs)

During Training: Use pre workout or during a workout like you would any other hydration. Add a stick pack to your water bottle mixed with your go-to electrolyte drink or mix it with water and lemonade for some added calories. Build ENERGY into your daily routine to support improved endurance and an improved stress response.

During the Event: Have a cup of ENERGY every 2 hours mixed with your go-to electrolyte powder to help you reach 29,029 feet. It is great for soothing an unhappy gut and for helping your body function at it's peak when it's under duress. 

RECOVERY (3 Single Packets) -

During Training: Have a serving of RECOVERY directly after your run, hike, or workout to support your body in resetting and rebuilding itself for another workout tomorrow.

During the Event: Have a cup of RECOVERY every 8 hours or whenever you feel fatigue in your muscles.

*One sample per person

**Free with shipping