Balance Jar - 80g

Instant, super-functional tea with a powerful blend of adaptogens, including gotu kola and gynostemma. Balance is your all-natural, daily dose of adaptogens, perfect to support you throughout the day.

This wide-mouth jar allows for easy scooping for your daily dose of adaptogens and has around 40 servings per jar.


Performance Tea Balance is a smoother day served up in a cup:

  • Supports a balanced adrenal system
  • Provides a non-sugary alternative to replace those sugary drinks that can be so addictive*


NON-GMO | Vegan | Gluten Free

Balance Performance Tea (Box of 10 Stick Packs)

Balance Performance Tea (Box of 10 Stick Packs)

Our Balance tea blend is the perfect instant tea for any occasion with a bright, slightly sweet and refreshing taste. Replace your sweeten iced teas with Balance for a natural, healthy tea that supports your immune system. Balance is the perfect replacement for sugary instant drinks that give you a sugar rush and jitters.
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