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CBD Starter Pack

TRY OUR SAMPLE PACK OF SUPER FUNCTIONAL CBD INSTANT TEA: One sample pack of each of our CBD blends and a 16 oz. Performance Tea branded Nalgene bottle to allow you to enjoy our CBD teas to support your active lifestyle.

  • RECOVERY: Recovery is the original Adaptogenic & Full Spectrum CBD formulation delivering powerful inflammation reduction + stress balance. The adaptogens work synergistically with the organic, Colorado-grown hemp to help your system heal and get back to an optimal state.
  • REVIVE: Our hand-crafted formulation combines Full Spectrum CBD, Tumeric & Adaptogens It is designed to help reduce inflammation and support an increase in mobility and movement to keep you moving through sport and life. 
  • SNOOZE: A good night’s sleep is a priority for all of us which is why we developed our newest blend. Snooze combines chamomile, passionflower, and our full-spectrum hemp to provide that traditional calming feeling of a sleepy-time tea. Our caffeine-free, instant herbal tea powder is a simple step you won’t mind slipping into your nightly practices.
  • ENJOY IT ANYWHERE: Rip. Pour. Shake. Sip. That's all it takes. Open 1 packet and pour the contents into the 8 oz hot or 16 oz cold water. Then shake, stir, froth or blend.