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FREE Runner Sample - $32 VALUE

Sample Bundle includes:

FOCUS (3 Stick Packs) - Add FOCUS to your morning coffee or smoothie so you can fit in your long run, your full-time job, and running errands.

ENERGY (3 Stick Packs) - Use throughout your workout like you would any other hydration. Build ENERGY into your daily routine to support improved endurance or keep a gut bomb at bay. Add a stick pack to your water bottle or your go-to electrolyte drink.

RECOVERY (2 Single Packets) - Have a serving directly after your run so your body can get a head start on resetting and rebuilding itself for tomorrow.

SNOOZE (2 Single Packets) - Add to 4-8 oz hot water and have about an hour before you go to bed for a deep, rested sleep.


*One sample per person.

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