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Golf Sampler

The Golf Sampler includes four unique herbal blends of powdered supplements to support you during your golf game. Start using the blends during your practice rounds to allow your body the time to benefit from the supplements so they can be as effective as possible for your next round or tournament.

Performance Tea's Golf Sampler includes:

FOCUS (2 Stick Packs)

Pre-Round: Use FOCUS before your round of golf. Add it to your morning coffee to dial in your concentration on the golf course.

REVIVE (2 Single Packets)

Mid-Round: Add REVIVE to your water or usual hydration to help reduce inflammation. The turmeric & CBD blend will allow you to push harder when joint pain would usually get in the way of your best swing. Add it to your Arnold Palmer or lemonade to sweeten it up.

ENERGY (2 Stick Packs) -

At the Turn: Use ENERGY as a mid-round pick-me-up when you're starting to lose steam. Adaptogens and green tea in Energy will support improved endurance and reduced stress, resulting in a better round.

RECOVERY (2 Single Packets) -

Post Round: Have a serving of RECOVERY directly after your round to support your body by resetting and reducing fatigue in your muscles.


*One sample per person

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