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Snooze Jar - 42g (Bundle of 3)

A hot cup of our sleep blend, Snooze with CBD, will fit seamlessly into your evening routine. With its comforting aroma and perfectly balanced flavor from a blend of soothing herbs, including delicate chamomile, peppermint, and black currant, you can get a wonderful feeling of tranquility and relaxation. End your day with Snooze to help unwind from a hectic day.

Snooze combines chamomile, passionflower, and our full-spectrum hemp extract to provide a traditional calming feeling of a sleepy-time tea. Our caffeine-free, instant herbal tea powder is a simple step you won’t mind slipping into your nightly practices.

A good night’s sleep is a priority for all of us. Quiet your active mind to get the sleep you deserve. And who knows, maybe it’ll even leave you wanting to hit the snooze button come morning.


NON-GMO | Vegan | Gluten Free

Coffee Alternative in single serve stick packs. Focus better.

Focus Instant Blend Stick Packs

Our Focus tea improves cognitive function, especially your memory, creativity, and motivation. Starting with high-quality green tea and powerful mushrooms like Cordyceps and Reishi, Focus will help your brain function without jitters.
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