Real quotes from real people


…more endurance during workouts…

“I’ve noticed significantly more endurance during workouts... in a subtle, non-jarring way. I typically sweat quite a bit when I workout/ride/spin, but with Energy I can ride longer and harder, complete drills feeling great, and with much higher watts/output...and I’m dripping! All of my numbers have improved since taking Energy.”

- JZ


My body was ‘high’ on adaptogens and my mind was focused…

“I think I am finally processing the events of last week and I keep coming back to one thought. Somehow, I had a very definitive advantage over my competitors while running through the night and the 118 degree heat that came with it. Many of my fellow racers were prepared for the heat during the day, but nearly everyone that dropped did so during the record high temps at night. I keep coming back to this as a deciding factor of my success, and one of the main variables I think was Performance Tea. The heat that knocked some of the best runners in the world out of the race really didn’t have much effect on me. My body was ‘high’ on adaptogens and my mind was focused on the end goal rather than the misery of the heat. I think I have you to thank for that.”

-Ultra Runner, Don Reichelt, on placing 3rd in the Badwater 135

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…the tea reduces our pain a lot.

“I have MS and my daughter has Guillen-barre so pain is a part of our life. I am pleased to report that the tea reduces our pain a lot.”



…legitimate effect…

“Your product is the only product I truly believe in and have felt a legitimate effect from. I wholeheartedly stand by Performance Tea.”

-John Wornham


Has replaced all coffee and soda…

“Love this tea - cold or hot. Has replaced all coffee and soda; No caffeine buzz - just good energy. Easy mixing for on-the-go.”

-George B. Brooks

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…energy levels up…

“[Performance Tea] has helped limit how much coffee I drink. It has helped me keep my energy levels up when in the past I might have spikes from drinking caffeine… I am always excited when I discover something which is all natural, I enjoy, and it helps with my overall performance.”

-Joe Delgado